Church Together

We are learning to live for Jesus together. We could try to do it by ourselves—
but it's just too lonely, and not what God seems to have in mind.

Wherever two or three gather in my name, there am I in the middle.
— Jesus, The Bible, Matthew 18:20

It's a promise we count on every Sunday...every time we are together in Jesus' Name. We do church together—something amazing, something of grace!

What We Like Doing Together

  • Worship:  We like being together and with God. We like honest, "straight-up" worship. We like different music styles. We like learning what the Bible says and what that means for our lives.
  • Community:  We like being part of the Squantum neighborhood. We like helping the community become better connected to each other. We like providing places and times for civil discourse. 
  • Having fun:  We like having a good time, and eating...we really like eating! We like diversity and differences of opinion.
  • Caring for people:  We like looking after each other, helping each other with simple acts of kindness, and being there when someone needs it. We like making a difference by helping others locally and around the world.
  • Growing:  We like learning and becoming. We like helping others grow in their understanding of God.