Will We Have Worship?

Yes! There will always be worship on Sundays at The First Church of Squantum! Jesus said, “Where two or three gather in my Name, there am I in the middle,” (Matthew 18:20) so we know Jesus will be with us whoever can be there.

What if I can’t Get there?

  1. Stay home and worship with us! You can join us live through the church's Facebook page. If we have power and the tech cooperates, we will be streaming live! Sweet! You’ll find copies of the bulletin at the bottom of this message—regular,  full text and giant print. If you have a hymnal, the regular one will work. If you don’t have a hymnal, the full text has all the words to all the music! If the giant print makes your life easier, that’s there too. 

  2. Worship God at the same time in your own place. If you have a family, you can do it together, by taking a look at the bulletins, reading scripture, praying and talking about the story together, even singing if you want!

  3. Take time to rest in God’s hands. Feel free to use the bulletin as a guide for your prayer and meditation. You’ll find folks we are praying for on the back of the bulletin if that helps. 

Be Safe

If it’s not safe for you because of the cold or ice, PLEASE consider the other good worship options.

Keep an eye out for your neighbors. Is there anyone who might not be able to get out? Check on folks who might have health issues.

Think of Others